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Gideon’s Crossing is a 50.5 acre development project in Mayfield, Kentucky, undertaken by Badger and Jones, LLC.


Situated on the Northeast boundary of the City of Mayfield, Gideon’s Crossing is one mile from I-69.  Bordering the Highway 121 bypass, the property is highly visible to patrons for nearly one mile.


The project will include a professional business park area on the northwest end, retail development on the southeast end, and commerical development on the south and southwest acreage.  A seven acre lake decorates the property, front and center.  Mayfield Veterinary Clinic is expanding and relocating its 77-year-old business to the professional business park.


Approximately 25 lots, ranging from 0.8 acres to 2 acres, will be available for development.  Covenants have been written for uniformity and attractiveness of structures to protect potential business owners and keep the intergrity of the development.


For the Mayfield-Graves County area, Gideon’s Crossing hopes to bring in a minimum of 20 businesses and 200 jobs.  The economic impact on the community will be upward of 18 million dollars in annual wages when the project is completed.


It is the desire of the developers, Badger and Jones, LLC, to erect an attractive landmark development that will have a significantly positive economic impact on the community of Mayfield and Graves County for years to come.


Dr. Badger and Dr. Jones

November 18, 2016


November 2016


November 2016

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